The line

This is a method for valuation that can be used in almost any situation where there is enough space. It works well as a starter, as a quick check of the situation or as a concluding assessment.

The moderator presents the idea of a line that runs from one end of the room to the other. One end stands for “Yes, definitely/By all means!” and the other stands for “No, no, no!/Not at all!”. The participants indicate how far they agree or disagree with a statement by placing themselves at the point on the line that corresponds exactly to their opinion. It may be a good idea to place an object so that it occupies the line’s mid-point and prevents anyone from ‘sitting on the fence’. When everyone has chosen their positions, some of them tell what lay behind that choice. It is not unusual for people to give identical reasons for choosing different places along the line or different reasons for choosing the same place.

The imaginary line can also be drawn along a wall as an instrument of evaluation. Each participant writes down a motivation for his och her position on a post-it and places it on the corresponding point along the line.

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