Possibilities chart

A form of brainstorming that gives the participants an opportunity of visualising a future project or arrangement in an new way.

  • The participants imagine that the arrangement has already occurred and ‘recall memories’ of it that they write down on post-it slips
  • The slips are placed on a chart in relation to two coordinates: desirable <-> undesirable and likely <-> unlikely
  • This ‘chart of possibilities’, to which everyone has made a contribution, is then used for planning

Much of what happens during a project or arrangement is unforeseen: the outside world does unexpected things, the participants’ actions have unexpected consequences. Such matters affect the project/arrangement just as much as do the participants’ planned activities. This form of brainstorming gives the participants an opportunity of looking at their plans from a new angle and, for those that do not yet have any plans, of taking part on equal terms.

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