Dialogue conference

Up to a hundred people have an opportunity of exploring common interests, agreeing on interpretations and definitions, and arriving at joint suggestions for future work.

The conference consists of three rounds of group discussions, with up to 8 participants in each group.

  • the first round takes place in suitably composed base groups, e.g. project groups in a network or working groups/departments in an organisation. In this round the participants are given a theme to consider

  • the second round, in cross-sections (see below), requires new participants to comment on, assess and develop the discussion from round one

  • in round three the original participants jointly produce strategies for implementing some of the ideas from rounds one and two. If the conference assembles participants from a looser network, a base group can be made up of people from different organisations or projects; in that case, they work project by project

A dialogue conference is a powerful instrument for generating involvement in and a joint approach to a future work. It calls for clear direction by the conference facilitators, who will have prepared the themes for the discussions in advance and made a suitable composition of the groups.

See also the applications Developing a democratic organization (designed for a single organization) and Towards a stronger civil society (designed for a network with representatives from different organizations)

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